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streetwear sneakers
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Comfort, casualness, and originality are the three characteristics that best define streetwear. This style, originated in California, was created in the 1970s and from year to year wins a crowd of fans, delighting with its simple form, comfort, and unconventionality. Formerly reserved for subcultures: surfers, skaters or hip-hop artists, today it is the lion's share of the fashion industry. In this article you will learn what streetwear is and how easy it is to create an outfit in the spirit of street fashion.
The tracksuit is an outfit that has evolved over the years. With time, it lost its primary function, i.e., it ceased to be associated exclusively with sports. Almost as popular as denim, it has become a base for everyday looks. Wondering what shoes go with tracksuits? Let me prove to you that not only sneakers!
Tying shoes may seem simple – that’s not entirely true! How to tie shoelaces in an interesting and unique way? Learn how you can make shoelaces an eye-catching element of your outfit. The most fashionable inspirations are waiting for you in this article!
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